Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve booked my very first appointment, now what do I do?

A: Once you’ve booked your first appointment the day before we’re scheduled to arrive and put all of the dirty clothes, you’d like us to wash into a 13-gallon trash bag (standard kitchen trash bag), or all dirty clothes go into the Get It Washed Dirty Laundry Bag and if it zips it Get’s Washed. No need to organize or separate clothing, we’ll take care of that on our end. The trash bag, when filled and not overstuffed, will hold about 15 pounds of laundry. Once all desired articles of clothing are in the trash bags, set them outside in a secure location or wait for the Get It Washed Laundry Expert to arrive and hand them the bags.


Q: What is the deposit for? Does it go towards the first subscriptions payment?

A: The deposit goes towards the bag that our customers use for their dirty laundry. After the initial service the dirty laundry that’s accumulated goes into the reusable laundry bag and brought back in a different/clean bag (that also is put into the dirty bag).


Q: Do you provide dry cleaning?

A: Yes! However, to be more specific we provide delivery service for local dry cleaners, similarly to what we do with the wash, dry and fold. For specific pricing please see the table below.


Shirts (Men or Women)


Dress Shirts (Button Downs)


Tops (Jackets, Blouses, Sweaters)




Coats, Dresses, Etc.



Q: When is Pick-up and Drop-off?

A: You’re able to schedule pick up whenever you want; depending on what day and time frame you selected for pick up will determine when drop-off will be. We have Standard service of 48 hours, 24-hour service, and Same day service, which is specific times.

For example, if a Standard service was scheduled on Monday between 1-5, then the drop off will be automatically set for Wednesday between the same hours.

Same day services are picked up between 6:00-8:00AM and returned between 6:00-8:00 PM with a 24-hour advanced notice or scheduling (pricing for Springs is for the standard 48 hour service, but Same day service is always an option.)

For the Premium 24 hours service, the customer will choose a 2-hour time frame and we’ll pick up the next day within the same time frame.


Example: If you book a 24-hour service on Tuesday between 1:00PM-5:00PM, we’ll drop off Wednesday between 1:00-5:00 PM. 

I booked a Standard/48-hour Service, but I have errands to run do I have to be home for pick up or drop off?

We recommend being home for your very first service to meet us and ask any additional questions you may have, but after that no one must be home, only an established location for the driver to pick up or drop off the clothes is necessary. 


Q: How will I know if the driver is close/ do I have to wait the whole 4 hours to meet the Get It Washed Expert?

A: A Get It Washed Expert will text 30 to 45 minutes prior to arrival. So, no need to wait around the whole 4 hours waiting on the driver. 


Q:What services do you provide?

A: We pick up, sort (whites VS darks), wash, dry and fold. We also offer dry cleaning (see pricing table above). 


Q: Is all laundry acceptable?

A: Unfortunately, we ask that any delicate and any sentimental items should not be included in the bags to avoid any unwanted changes to clothing or the like. 


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal, Venmo, major Credit Cards and for one-time services cash. We partnered with Square to ensure full security is maintained.

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