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HassleFree Laundry

Introducing HassleFree Laundry from Get It Washed. Our HassleFree way of thinking allows for customers to not have to guess what their delivery costs will be nor will they have to guess how many loads are needing to be done! Simply pick a bag for one price and skip the guess work. 


If it fits, it gets washed! That simple!

With your first HassleFree Service you will get:


  • One of our premium Get It Washed Laundry bags.

  • Superior service

  • Delivered within two days (or less)

  • More free time to enjoy life's greatest moments

Meet our HassleFree family:

HassleFree Luxe : Our Luxe bag is perfect for a family of three or more. It holds approximately four loads of laundry. Our HassleFree Luxe can be set up as a one time pick up or subscription

HassleFree Standard : Our Standard bag is perfect for a household of one or more, holding up to two loads of laundry. Our HassleFree Standard can be set up as a one time pick up or subscription

HassleFree Garment : Our HassleFree Garment bag is a great add on for all the items that you want hung. Just choose it as a preference when booking. The bag only needs to be purchased one time, from then on simply select 'yes' to hanging clothes. This is the perfect way to keep life HassleFree.

HassleFree Mini : The HassleFree Mini bag is so versatile for your Laundry Delivery Service. There are several ways you can use this: use it to store & keep whites separate or for overages (any laundry that does not fit into the main Luxe or Standard Bag ordered will be considered overage and charged the $10 fee). This awesome bag is also used to gift a new mom with our Baby Bundle.

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