HassleFree Laundry

Introducing HassleFree Laundry from Get It Washed.


If it fits its washed! That Simple!

The same great service you love now for one great price!

With your first HassleFree Service you will get:


One of our premium Get It Washed Laundry bags


Superior service


A whole bunch of free time to enjoy lifes greatest moments

The Luxe bag holds up to 4-5 loads of laundry, so stuff away! Our Standard bag holds up to 2-3 loads. We'll come to pick it up and then deliver it within 48 hours all ready to be put away. The next time you schedule refill the bag and get a huge discount!


Book in ahead of time so we can ship your bag right to your doorstep. No worries if you need us to pick up on the fly we can fill the bag when we arrive for pick up! 

Laundry done your way, without using your time!

1. Click on: "HassleFree Bag (First Time)"

2 Pick a time and day

3. Pay & confirm your Pick up

4. Enjoy the time your NOT doing laundry

5. Repeat! (Except choose 'Returning Loyalist' and see the savings!)

* The  bag must be able to close completely. Items that do not fit will be charged a per pound  price of $1.99

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