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A busy Life

Time flies but precious moments are captured forever! We all get caught up in the day in day out task of work, crazy life, kids, repeat, however when we capture moments like this it makes it all worth it. Like many working families out there finding that balance is a rough thing to do at times. We all know the importance of time spent but the feeling that is always there is that, there is always tomorrow. Its time that we all prioritize whats really important to us and let everything else happen. From the inception of Get It Washed family was at the forefront of our minds! As you see in the picture above we have 3 amazing little ones that keep us on our toes at all times. We use to spend days trying to get laundry in order and we began to see that it took away valuable time from us being able to be a family. Instead of building forts and having tea parties we were fussing over who did the last load and wondering if the kids school clothes were done. So we know how many of feel when you see the mountain of laundry steadily piling up! We are here to save the day but also to encourage you that it gets better. You can do it, there is no project too big or small! In the end less stress and remember the smiles and the memories make it all worth it!

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