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Back to School Laundry Tips

Back to school can be an exciting and very busy time. Summer fun is over and it is time to sharpen those pencils. The last days before school are filled with school list shopping, making sure names are on every last thing and washing all those new clothes. Here are a few laundry tips to keep in mind as you get your kids ready for this school year.

Find a routine that works. We are talking about a laundry routine! Have a plan of what you're washing and on what day. Think about if you want each child to have their own laundry basket, or maybe it would be easier to combine the kids' uniforms. Decide if a laundry service would be a good fit for your family and plan out the schedule, Whatever the routine, make sure that it is something you and your family agree on and stick to.

Wash a load of laundry each day. If none of the baskets are full then do some bed sheets. Don’t plan on spending your weekend trying to catch up on all the washing, keep it in your daily routine.

Make sure you have stain removers ready. School has your kids learning and playing hard, and they come home a mess. There are even more stains to look forward to if your kids are in sports. It is helpful to set up a space for you to treat those stained clothes as soon as they come in from school or practice.

Teach your children how to separate their clothes. They can also make sure to turn the clothes right side out. Set up a system that works for you based on how you do laundry, and make it part of their normal routine. They can sort right into one of our HassleFree bags! Extra Mom tip: Check all the pockets! You just never know what kids will put in their pocket throughout the day.

Call in help when you need it. You don’t have to do it all. There are so many services out there that can make your life a little easier. Groceries delivered, lawn care services, house cleaner, and of course laundry services, are all available today. Put your laundry in a HassleFree bag and set up for pickup, your laundry will be washed-dryed-folded and returned to your door.

Good luck starting that laundry routine that works for your family, and stop those dirty clothes baskets from overflowing.

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