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Evade Those Sneaky Stains

Stains are sly! Preventing them is hard but not impossible. With these simple tips, you can stop them from creeping up on you in the first place. But don’t worry if your efforts are unsuccessful! We professionals at Get It Washed love a good challenge and know plenty of ways to help salvage your clothing. We understand the exasperation of staining an article of clothing that’s brand new!

These substances are particularly annoying and to be avoided.


Try switching deodorants. Deodorants with strong perfumes often leave underarm spots. If that doesn’t work, apply a pre-wash right after you take the shirt off. A pre-wash treatment might not fully remove an older stain, but it can help keep your clothes looking fresher. Then let the garment air-dry; the heat from a dryer might set the stain in.


Wear a bib! You may not want to resurrect this childhood practice, but it worked then and will work now. OK, you would probably feel better about using a bib at home, but you can also be bold by donning one while eating out. Make your own from a hand towel, thick handkerchief or sturdy napkin.


Are you one of those chefs who take extra measures to avoid food splashing on their clothes during the prep process? Well, let’s face that fact that some splatters can’t be dodged. Which is why even the most fastidious cooks should always wear aprons. May we suggest one that says, “Kiss the Cook?”

If you can’t tackle that irritating stain right away, don’t let it sit for a long time. The sooner you work on it, the better. Once a stain settles into your clothing it can be really hard to remove. Let us at Get It Washed tackle it. Want to know more? Contact us at 225-400-5150, 225-400-5007 or You can also keep up with us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter!

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