Priced per pound, items are washed at 70°F, gently tumble dried and folded neatly for delivery. Please allow up to 48 hour return delivery for standard service. Only a small load? Don't worry, we handle those too. We collect and weigh your laundry onsite so you know exactly what you are getting. Our add-ons are geared to fit your laundry preferences. All services included free pick up and delivery.  We are here for all of your laundry needs from bedding to your precious infant clothing. Get It Washed has you covered. 

**All items are washed with unscented detergent.Scheduling is limited to availability. All bags are weighed at pick up. All orders are subject to a 15lb. minimum charged at pick up. Adjustments will be made to reflect order accuracy. Stained clothing will be documented for complete customer satisfaction. Customers are responsible or checking for any items inside pockets and laundry, we are not responsible for damaged items or clothing**

Wash Dry Fold



Standard|                           $1.99 per lb. 

24Hr Delivery|                   $9.99

12Hr Delivery|                   $19.99




Note: Standard Delivery is 48 hours. For 24 and 12 delivery please add the cost to your total. All 12 hour deliveries must be scheduled 24 hours ahead, Thank You!

Dry Cleaning

Shirts (Mens/Womens)|

Dress Shirts|

Tops (Jackets, Blouses,Sweater)|


Coats, Dresses, Etc.|







Scent booster |

Bleach |

Fabric Softener |






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