Priced per bag select the HassleFree bag that suits your laundry needs. Laundry is washed, dried and folded neatly for delivery. Hanging option is available with purchase of HassleFree Garment Bag.


Only a small load? Use our HassleFree option, holds up to 2-3 loads. Loads are considered 7-8 pounds of laundry.

Family of four or more? Easy! Choose our HassleFree-Luxe option! Holds up to 4-5 loads of laundry!


Please allow up to 48 hour return delivery for standard service, quicker times available at additional cost.

Our add-ons are geared to fit your laundry preferences. All services included free pick up and delivery. We are here for all of your laundry needs from bedding to your precious infant clothing (check out our Baby Bundle).

Get It Washed has you covered.

**All items are washed with unscented detergent unless scented is selected. Scheduling is limited to availability. Stained clothing will be noted by laundry expert for complete customer satisfaction. Customers are responsible or checking for any items inside pockets, laundry, and HassleFree Bags, we are not responsible for damaged items or clothing. See Terms and Conditions for further information.**

Wash Dry Fold

HassleFree  Luxe| 

HassleFree Standard|

24Hr Delivery|                        


HassleFree Bag| 









Dry Cleaning

Currently We do Not offer Dry Cleaning.

We will provide delivery service to and from the Dry Cleaners of Choice for a delivery fee.



Bleach |

Fabric Softener |

GIW laundry bag|

HassleFree Mini (Overage)|






Note: Standard Delivery is ~48 hours. Available options for 24 and same-day delivery; please add the cost to your total. All Same-Day deliveries must be scheduled 24 hours ahead.


All services have a 4 hour pick up and drop off window, unless otherwise specified, with a text, call or email notification prior to arrival

**NO weighing! Just fill the bag and you know the price. If the bag is not in possession, please fill the appropriate trash bag full for first pick up.