Subscription Plans



2-3 Loads per Week

Designed for those Professionals & Students alike whose time is for everything but laundry. Savings up to 12%.



HassleFree Bi-Weekly

2-3 Loads Bi-weekly

The perfect laundry pick me up. Save over 10% with this wonderful option.



HassleFree Luxe Weekly

4-5 Loads per week

Tailored to fit those who prefer almost to never do laundry, with more than 18% in savings.



HassleFree Luxe


4-5 Loads Bi Weekly

Our most popular subscription! Over 15% in savings every month. Perfect for the on the go family & entrepreneur.



Your pickup will always be on the same day of the week,  same time window, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your plan.


Auto Billed Monthly at the date of your choice.

Includes 1Complimentary GIW laundry bag


Unlimited Scent boosters, Bleach, Fabric


1 Garment Bag for items that you want hung 

Priority Next Day Delivery Guarantee

1/2 off Same day service ($9.99)






***A $10 convenience fee will be charged if we have to reschedule your pick up without a 24hr notice before you scheduled pick up***

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