Subscription Plans


18 lbs per week

Designed for those Professionals & Students alike whose time is for everything but laundry. Savings up to 12%.




30lbs Bi-weekly

Our most popular subscription! Over 15% in savings every month. Perfect for the on the go family & entrepreneur.




30lbs per week

Tailored to fit those who prefer almost to never do laundry, with more than 18% in savings.




18lbs Bi-weekly

The perfect laundry pick me up. Save over 10% with this wonderful option.



Same great service as our Per Pound Laundry service!


Your pickup will always be on the same day of the week,  same time window, either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on your plan.


Auto Billed Monthly at the date of your choice.








***A $10 convenience fee will be charged if we have to reschedule your pick up without a 24hr notice before you scheduled pick up***

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